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Tra speranza e fortuna. Paolo da Firenze and the intertextual network of F-Pn it. 568 (Pit). Giovanni Cantarini

In the arrangement of the manuscript Pit 568 - probably the only case among the fourteenth-century sources in the Italian area - it seems that the pieces added in a secondary position are not the result of a simple filling process of the available space, but rather the result of a combination of different intertextual purposes: starting from the simple thematic grouping, or from following an order according to musical forms – without further pretensions of strong intertextual connections – up to being almost glosses of the pieces copied in primary position. Even the works of Paolo da Firenze (the last one in general chronological terms) seem to adapt themselves to this logic and, precisely because of their peculiar musical and literary value, for their pedagogical-didactic implications, for their relationship with the French sources present in good number in the manuscript, enter into dialogue (thanks to its position in the general order of the gatherings), with the pieces of music of the recent and remote tradition scattered in crucial points of Pit's macrotext.