Dienstag 27. Februar 2018 18.30 Uhr — Seminarraum 104, Hallerstr. 5, 3012 Bern

Dr. Simone Krüger Bridge
Music in Neoliberal Culture

SMG Sektion Bern

This paper explores the notion that neoliberal capitalism is cool capitalism.The ideology of cool has become the focal point of popular culture globally, influencing a diverse range of contemporary trends and  fields from music, food, and fashion, to technology and cinema. Coolness has become an incredibly powerful concept within the music business. It is a universal motivator for teens and youths, as well as for a large range of other age groups.The cool culture of neoliberal capitalism is clearly evident in the branding processes surrounding the “cool celebrity personae”, relevant to which is artists’ resilience to contemporary forms of patriarchy presented in much contemporary world popular music. This paper will explore coolness through the notions of cool masculinity and postfeminism in world popular music. A range of musical examples, from Jazz and Hip Hop,World Music, to Lady Gaga and Beyonce will help to illustrate the coolness of neoliberal capitalism today.

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