Dienstag 12. Dezember 2017 18.30 Uhr — Institut für Musikwissenschaft (Seminarraum 104), Hallerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern

Wang Zheng-Ting (Melbourne)
Kommentiertes Sheng-Konzert

SMG Sektion Bern

The sheng is a free-reed Chinese mouth organ which has more than 3500 years of recorded history. In this event I will talk about the sheng regarding its history, development, construction of the instrument and performing technique etc which will help the audiences to familiar with the instrument. I will select the pieces from traditional to contemporary sheng music. As I have been educated both in the East and West, my music making combines both sides’ music aspects as well as combing tradition and contemporary music with modern electronic technology. So in this event I will also play some pieces which co-composed by my friend and myself as well as my own composition. As an ethnomusicologist, I will response the audience's question regarding the instrument and Chinese musical culture.

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